Quality policy

Our policy is inspired by the quality that ALTA has always delivered in all its ventures and is just the beginning of the relationships we establish with rest of the world: first and foremost with our customers, but also with our partner suppliers and internally, with our employees.

The continuous attention that these practices require is based on following standards and on a rigorous cycle of checks and controls. Not only that, however: for the standards to become daily practice and for the controls to be effective every time, we need to exercise constant awareness as to the outcome of our choices and actions. These are the principles that have inspired us for more than 50 years.


ALTA is ISO 9001-2015 certified.
To provide a high-performance product to its customers, ALTA runs a number of tests on incoming raw material and throughout the whole processing cycle.
These include:

  • visual and dimensional,
  • internal surface roughness,
  • heat (Cast) number traceability,
  • inside diameter tolerances,
  • ultrasonic thickness tests,
  • straightness tests,
  • automatic internal surface finishing test,

using accredited independent laboratories:

  • resilience and traction,
  • chemical composition analyses,
  • magnaflux,
  • salt spray corrosion,
  • US tests.

All our calibration instruments are tested and certified constantly.
Certificates always follow dispatched materials and are stocked inside in a temperature controlled environment.


ALTA works exclusively with serious and high quality suppliers.
Our inspectors run periodical inspections on suppliers, and end results are critical for continued supply.
Supplier production is certified as conforming both with European standards and ALTA’s technical specifications.
Every tube is delivered with outside diameter markings, providing the steel grade, the producer’s logo, and ALTA’s logo, EN production standard, and heat (cast) number that must match the certificates provided, so as to provide full product traceability.
Quality control of the processed surface is carried out on all tubes, either visually or through automatic systems. If we find defects, tubes are properly marked and quarantined in specific racks.
A nonconformity report is immediately sent to the supplier along with reactive/corrective actions.


ALTA is constantly training its employees in order to offer a professional and updated service.
All warehouse and production staff receive a daily briefing to resolve any issues and apply corrective action.
Every member of the business department speaks 3 foreign languages fluently, as well as their native language, in order to achieve full communication with customers.
We use the latest version of the SAP Business One software.