Quality policy

La politica ispirata alla qualità che da sempre ALTA mette in pratica in ogni sua azione è da sempre premessa dei rapporti che instauriamo nei confronti dell’esterno – i clienti in primo luogo, ma anche i fornitori nostri partner – e all’interno, nei confronti dei nostri dipendenti.

L’attenzione continua che queste pratiche richiedono si basa sull’osservanza verso le norme e su un ciclo rigoroso di controlli e verifiche. Non solo però: perché le norme divengano prassi quotidiana e perché i controlli risultino sempre efficaci occorre l’esercizio costante della consapevolezza del risultato delle proprie scelte e delle proprie azioni. Sono questi i principi che ci ispirano, da più di cinquant’anni.

certificate IQ NET


Alta is certified ISO 9001-2015.

In order to give our customers a high performing product, ALTA runs many controls on incoming raw material and throughout the whole production process including:

  • Visual and dimensional.
  • Surface roughness.
  • Heat (Cast) number traceability.
  • Inside diameter tolerances.
  • Wall thickness.
  • Straightness.
  • Automatic surface finishing control.

Through independent laboratories:

  • Resilience.
  • Chemical composition.
  • Magnaflux.
  • Salt spray corrosion.
  • US tests

All our calibration instruments are constantly controlled and certified.

Certificates always follow dispatched materials and are stocked inside in a temperature controlled environment.


All of ALTA’s suppliers are serious and high quality.
Our inspectors run periodical audits on the suppliers, final results are critical for their continued supply to us. Suppliers’ production is certified to conform to European norms and ALTA’s technical specification.
Every tube is delivered with outside diameter marking’s, giving the steel grade, mill’s and ALTA’s logo, EN production norm, and heat (cast) number that must match the certificate’s provided as to give a full traceability of the product.
Quality control of the machined surface is done on all tubes, either visually or through automatic systems. If we find defects, tubes are properly marked and quarantined in specific racks. A nonconformity report is immediately sent to the supplier along with reactive/corrective actions.


In order to offer a professional and updated service, ALTA is constantly training its employees.
The whole ground staff goes through a daily briefing, to solve any problem, activating corrective actions.
Every member of the commercial department speaks fluently, three languages for a full communication with the customer.
We use the latest version of “SAP Business One” software.