Manufacturing Processes

ALTA finishing

For over 50 years, ALTA has been the epitome of excellence for our choice of the finest materials and unique surface finish manufacturing.
Through our internal finishing production process, we achieve an RA profile characterized by exclusively negative micro peaks, which generate small oil pockets that improve lubrification and improve seal life for a longer period, as well as creating an optimal bearing surface.
Our production process also performs better on internal straightness against the maximum tolerances allowed by the standards
and the profile bearing goes over 50% at 1 my depth.

Finally, ALTA has an automated patented system, which scans the tube surface after machining, and can detect any possible micro surface defects.

Cutting to length

An updated and automated cutting center is available at ALTA for the cutting operations. Upon request ALTA is able to cut and machine parts against drawings, ready to be assembled.  Dimensional range from OD 35 to OD 700 mm and min. lengths 150 mm to 12 m.

Taglio tubi su misura

Chrome plating

Tubi cromati prodotti da ALTA in varie misure e di differente diametroALTA manufactures customized chromed piston tubes and telescopic cylinders.
In line production technology guarantees a consistent chromed surface and thickness. The dimensional range goes from OD 100 mm to OD 250 mm up to 9300 mm in length.
Each batch produced by ALTA is NSS tested and a certificate of conformity is always provided.