Chrome plated piston tube, Telescopic tubes and Hard Chrome plated bars

ALTA is also a market leader in the machining of outside and inside surfaces of tubes, these are used as piston and telescopic tubes. Suitable for external chrome plating, available as electro welded or seamless.


The first operation, straightening and turning, removing defects which are always present in both the cold drawn and in the hot rolled tube, preparing it for grinding and chrome plating.

This non aggressive machining, gives straightness and roundness to the tube (outside honing to tolerance up to grade 8 and roughness Ra 0.4 my max) preventing micro fractures forming in the metal structure, which after chrome plating could generate cracks or pitting to the chromed surface.

Supported by carefully selected and approved partners, Alta offers chrome plated products produced by a continuous inline production method, which allows a homogeneous and concentric plating quality throughout the tube length.

All piston tubes can be treated with a passivation process aimed to increase the chrome resistance to atmospheric agents. The chromed piston tubes are Salt Spray Tested up to 120 H rating 9. Each item is rigorously checked and approved by ALTA and comes with the production certificate.

General Technical Data Sheet Chromed Bars


NormEN 10267 | EN 10083-3
Dimensional RangeFrom ID 100 mm to OD 250 mm
LenghtMax 9300 mm
Upon request fix or cut lengths
Normalized – Quenched and tempered – Induction hardened
Inside tolerancesGrade 7/8
Unique FeaturesAnti Micro-cracking Treatment
Steel GradeCK45 – 20MNV6 – C53 – 42 Cr Mo 4
Chrome Thickness15 my +/-3 my up to OD 20 mm – 25 my +/-5 my over OD 20 mm
Chrome Hardness850 - 1150 HV
Superficial Roughness0.2 my Ra; 2 my Rt (UNI ISO 468/91)
Test CertificateEN 10204:2004/3.1
Corrosion ResistanceNSS up to 200 H rating 9