Electro-welded Tube T5, +C, ALTA finishing H8 T5

T5 – Electro-welded Tube +C with Impact and Elongation tests =\> 10% – An exclusive “ALTA” product, aimed to appreciably increase the production and logistical production efficiency of the cylinder manufacturer, giving added value to the customers final product.

The resulting product is a completely resilient tube, with all the features of “SR” or “C” grades, plus the added ALTA technical finish inside, with resilience = >27J (a -20°C) and stretching =\> 10% * .
ALTA has developed an innovative automated technology to inspect the inside tube surface after the bore machining process, providing tubes with 0 defects.
T5 offers superior performances above the Norm, thanks to straightness being 0.5/1000 and 3% concentricity.
T5 is free from impurities produced from a clean base material of mineral origin and not from scrap.
The surface is treated with a patented system making painting an easy issue, bypassing the preparation steps necessary with tubes from competitors.
The automated inside surface checking, together with the extreme straightness and concentricity allow the tubes to be immediately introduced in to the cylinder production process, bypassing the steady band machining process.
T5 is an amazing leap forward in quality for cylinder tubes giving indelibility and offering a great economical advantage to its users.
ALTA supplies for each produced batch, the Material test certificate showing mechanical properties, in line with the category +SR including the Impact test results.

General Technical data sheet for electro-welded Tube T5, +C, ALTA finishing H8 T5


NORMEN 10305-2
DIMENSIONAL RANGEFrom OD 50 mm to OD 115 mm and thickness from 4 mm to 7.5 mm
Available from stock metric and imperial sizes
LENGTHUp to 12 m.
Upon request fix or cut lengths
Impact Test >27J -20°C
Elongation =\>10%
ALTA finishing
UNIQUE FEATURESImpact Tested, Concentric 3%, Elongation 10% min.
AUTOMATED CHECKING100% of the inside surface through inspecting probe