ALTA supplies and develops cylinder tubes for a wide variety of market applications, for both standard and customized products.
ALTA’s processing efficiency has earned us the trust of leading companies even in innovative sectors such as the military and renewable energy industries.

applicazioni industriali ALTA


  • Our service is cost efficient, simplifies your production process and provides products of consistent quality.
  • We only work with qualified and selected suppliers.
  • Unique expertise in metal surface processing, with constantly controlled RA- RT and TP profile tolerance values.
  • We work with a high level of expertise and experience, which has been developing continuously over the years.
  • Tubes tested with automated tools and stringent protocols.
  • High stock availability
  • Collaboration with validated partners for third-party processing
  • Solutions for various mechanical applications
  • Custom logistics and packaging solutions



, a unique client experience

ALTA recognizes that its solutions are just one part of the final product.
That is why we believe in the need to integrate our cylinder tubes efficiently and easily with other product components and the customer’s production processes.
Thanks to our knowledge and range of services, we are able to offer our customers a unique experience.


Deposit account
Security stock
Framework agreements
Product customization

  • High availability of standard sizes in stock
  • Technical advice
  • Special and customized transportation
  • Custom packaging and logistics solutions
Details of the new automated tube warehouse storage system
The new automated system developed exclusively for ALTA SPA. The system uses magnetic lifters and fuzzy storage logic. 24/24 automated operation. ALTA never stops!