DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) tube is the name given to high-frequency welded precision-drawn steel tubes that have been cold drawn over a manderel. The distinctive properties of DOM tubes are tight tolerances, high concentricity and excellent surface finish.

The coil thickness is checked and through a sandblasting operation its surface is cleaned . Then extremities of the coil  are prepared for the welding process so that a better contact is achieved during such an operation.
DOM tubes base material strip, is formed into a round cross section in a rolling mill, after which , in a ghigh-frequency process, it is welded into a continuous tube. Welding process is a melting of the strip edges without addiction of material so to have the same chemical composition of the steel in the melting area assuring welding factor V=1.

This is a non-stop operation, with automatic built-in control of dimensional accuracy and roundness.
The result is a tube having  a clean and defectless surface, as well as optimal thickness tolerances and concentricity , perfect for being used as an hydraulic cylinder.
The quality of the mother tube together with a studied heatreatment give as result an  Elongation value of MINIMUM 10% and Impact Test at 27 J. -20°C.
The final precise tolerance, high concentricity and excellent surface finishing of DOM tubes are obtained by means of cold drawing in one or more stages.
The process involves drawing the tube blanks through a die and over a mandrel. Their cross section is reduced considerably and an excellent surface finish is obtained.
The high consistent quality of DOM tubes is guaranteed by means of regular destructive and non-destructive test procedures supported by dimensional controls and measurement of the surface finishing.

In conclusion, DOM tubes allow shorter finishing times and better production economy than seamless tubes.

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